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Click here to download a questionnaire that defines intimate partner abuse in several abuse categories and how you may have been affected and have adapted to even the most subtle forms. It can give you and your therapist better clarity about the person you’re with, the effects of harm, and help direct the healing you need.

Click here if you would like to help us collect data from your questionnaire.  Once you’ve completed your questionnaire, you can input your answers into a password protected confidential online survey that does not require you to give any personal information.  (Questionnaires are identified by a number only.)  This collection of data is for the purpose of a scholarly study.  It can be valuable to potential future research and education on these types of under-studied abusive relationships.  If you are able, we would very much appreciate your time and help in this effort.

Our Survey

Mind Warrior App

This therapeutic tool can help within the moment mindful connection that can make you more self-aware, manage flashbacks of PTSD, increase the ability to soothe, calm, and feel safe, and reconnect you to your lost self. It can also help stop urges to break No Contact. It has features to help you plan daily and weekly goals and keep you focused on them. Use alone or in conjunction with your therapy.


Start your own group!

If you have the inclination and passion, we are happy to guide you every step of the way. You can purchase this guidebook or we can email you the doc for free. Use our contact form to request one.

Continuing Education at

Therapists can receive CEUs for taking the courses designed for professionals to learn more about these relationships.  They could educate your therapist to better help you. There are also courses for lay people and many other resources on the Lovefraud site. Visit